US Domestic Shrimp

Ocean Star® US Domestic Wild Shrimp   Ocean Garden’s US domestic shrimp brand, Ocean Star®, is widely recognized for its reliable quality, and is among the finest wild shrimp caught from the US Gulf.  Ocean Star® brand shrimp is available … Continued

Ocean Garden Authentic Mexican Shrimp

Ocean Garden’s History Throughout its history, Ocean Garden’s has built its reputation on the premium quality of its seafood products.  In addition, these quality standards serve as a benchmark for the seafood industry. Ocean Garden packs shrimp under international standards … Continued

What is Calmex?

Calmex History Calmex history goes back to 1922 when the first abalone packing plant was installed aboard the Calmex ship. Since then, the best Mexican abalone is canned under the Calmex brand and marketed by Ocean Garden Products. People around … Continued