Ocean Garden Products Inc. (OGP) a California corporation is a privately held seafood importing, exporting and sales company. Our corporate headquarters are in San Diego, California, the company has direct sales offices throughout the continental United States and Mexico and sales agents represent the company’s products in Asia and Hawaii.

Our signature items are the world’s finest wild and farm raised Mexican white shrimp packed in our premium grade, world famous Ocean Garden brand as well as our standard grade Mark brand. For Mexican wild brown shrimp, our premium brand is Compass and our standard grade product is packed under our Ocean Shell brand.

Other seafood products include Storm Norwegian salmon, Calmex Mexican and Australian canned abalone, Calamari, Central & South American, Asian and Domestic shrimp.

Ocean Garden’s products are sold to foodservice distributors (serving restaurant and retail trade), restaurant and supermarket chains.

Ocean Garden Authentic Mexican Shrimp, your guarantee of quality, consistency and environmental sustainability.