Ocean Star® US Domestic Wild Shrimp


Ocean Garden’s US domestic shrimp brand, Ocean Star®, is widely recognized for its reliable quality, and is among the finest wild shrimp caught from the US Gulf.  Ocean Star® brand shrimp is available in both brown and white varieties.  Ocean Star® US domestic shrimp is an excellent choice for various reasons but above all, for its quality.


Why Ocean Garden US Domestic Wild Shrimp?

These are a few of the reasons why Ocean Star® is a great choice:

  • Excellent tasting shrimp: robust shrimp flavor, natural color, and firm texture.
  • Harvested by freezer boats: with no temperature fluctuations during harvesting, this shrimp maintains its firm texture and optimum freshness throughout the production process.
  • Quality control: consistently meets industry’s highest grading standards.
  • Glazing and poly wrap: ensures longer shelf life by sealing in flavor and preventing freezer burn.
  • Nutritional value: no saturated fat, low calories, high protein food source that is a light and versatile ingredient in so many popular dishes.


Product Details

Species available: brown (P. aztecus) and white (P. setiferus)

Presentations: headless shell on blocks, IQF shell on, IQF P&D tail on/off, PUD’s

Source: wild

Origin: US Gulf

Pack sizes: 10/2 lb, 10/5 lb. 4/5 lb


Capabilities & Customer Service

Menu analysis for profitable additions and product optimization.

Guidance with timely market information and outlooks for pricing and contact strategies.

Culinary ideation and recipe development.

Product and industry education.

Traceability direct to source.

Ability to customize specifications.

Regulatory documentation.

Convenient cold storage locations throughout the US.

Dedicated regional sales offices and customer service personnel to ensure timely response to purchase orders and customer support throughout the US.




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