Ocean Garden Authentic Mexican Shrimp is your guarantee of quality, consistency and a commitment to environmental accountability.

Sustainability – Ocean Garden is in cooperation with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and Mexican fishermen to promote long term sustainability and socio economic balance in the Gulf of California. Both wild and farm shrimp industries are highly regulated and managed for the long term.

Traceability – Ocean Garden’s comprehensive traceability program provides a platform for the elimination of illegal fishing in the Sea of Cortez.As a result, seafood buyers can be sure that they are purchasing shrimp from a legal fishery whose practices comply with all U.S. and Mexican environmental regulations.Whether from shrimp farms or wild harvest, 100% of Mexican Shrimp imported by Ocean Garden into the U.S. is traceable from processing plant to end-user.

Quality Control – The quality control system utilizes a unique barcode and electronic database to track a shrimp’s lifecycle from product origin, processing plant, lot and warehouse to truck and shipping method.

Program Background – Ocean Garden examined historical data, production and statistical information from more than 100 processing plants worldwide, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system) data, and U.S. and Mexican food labeling regulations to establish its proprietary program. Initially inspired by a desire to provide its customers with improved food safety and food labeling information, the traceability program also evolved to meet the guidelines of the Federal Drug Administration’s Bioterrorism Act.

Traceability Barcode – Through a single barcode, Ocean Garden’s quality control staff has instant access to product information, including Mexico as country of origin, processing plant, shrimp species (wild or farm-raised), brand, size, weight, color, production lot number, description (such as peeled and deveined tail-on), and UPC retail code, which expedites inspection and evaluation processes. Traceability stickers are included on both inner cartons and master cases.

Ocean Trust – Ocean Garden has been a long standing supporter and contributor to Ocean Trust as an Oceans Partner member supporting the vision of a positive approach to conservation.


  Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP)

We are working with sustainable fisheries partnership to improve the sustainability of shrimp and actively participate in the Shrimp Supply Chain Roundtable, where we cooperate with others to improve the sustainability of the Mexican Shrimp Fishery.