Calmex History

Calmex history goes back to 1922 when the first abalone packing plant was installed aboard the Calmex ship. Since then, the best Mexican abalone is canned under the Calmex brand and marketed by Ocean Garden Products.

People around the world and in particular in Asia, recognize Calmex’s quality guarantee.  In places like Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, customers consider it an exclusive and luxury product.

Calmex philosophy is simple: We produce and market a high quality product to serve and satisfy an exclusive market. We offer the best abalone in the world by always staying on top of market trends and in tune with the consumer’s needs. We implement the best quality control processes available.

“Our philosophy is simple: produce and market a high quality product to serve and satisfy an exclusive market.”

– Ocean Garden


What is abalone?

Abalone are a unique type of snail, classified in the class Gastropoda of the phylum Mollusca. The common name, abalone, is probably from the Spanish term aulon or aulone.

The foot of the abalone takes up most of the space inside the shell, and is the prime edible portion. It has extremely rich, flavorful meat.   Most abalone divers do not pluck an abalone from the rocks unless they are sure they will be taking it.  They use a blunt abalone iron to remove the animal so as not to damage it.

How to prepare abalone

A traditional way to prepare abalone is to remove the epipodium and bottom foot layer and slicing it into steaks.  The steaks are very tough (like the heel of a shoe) at this point.

Tenderize abalone steaks by pounding them. Slice the abalone and then gently pound with a meat tenderizer or the back of a large spoon.  Another way to tenderize abalone is in the cooking, either by braising or stewing it.

To prepare abalone the traditional way, dust it with flour or breadcrumbs and fry it quickly in oil or butter. Thirty seconds on each side is all that is necessary and the abalone steak is ready. The taste is similar to mild clam or chicken but has its own unique abalone flavor.

You can prepare abalone in many different ways. Try fried abalone steaks plain or with a variety of condiments or sauces. Or serve it raw in ceviche by soaking the abalone overnight in lemon juice.  Abalone chowder can be made in a similar fashion to clam chowder.  You and use the epipodium as well as the bottom of the foot (all edible).

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